Thursday, June 18, 2015

What I Love About Darynda Jones' Books Is...

Welcome to Darynda Jones week, organized by Piatkus! Really, if there's an author out there who deserves a whole week dedicated to them, it's definitely our Darynda. So when I was offered a chance to share with you my endless love for Darynda and everything she writes, I happily accepted, even though I've been doing precisely that for years already. 

My job today was to list all the things I love about Darynda’s books, but it turned out to be a very difficult task. There are simply too many characters, too many quotes and situations, so much enjoyment and uncontrolled laughter… trying to put it all into a limited number of words proved to be next to impossible. 

It’s no secret that Darynda Jones is one of my favorite authors. She makes me laugh, she makes me swoon, and she occasionally makes me bite my nails while pacing furiously around my living room. In other words, she’s part sadist, part romantic soul and two parts class clown. What’s not to like?

I was one of First Grave’s early readers, so it’s safe to say I’ve been singing Darynda’s praise for years. Charley Davidson and her friends brought me nothing but laughter and joy, and they were always there when I most needed them, just like old friend should be. 

Charley herself is a constant source of delight, a character beloved by hordes of fans. She makes us laugh so much, and yet we feel her pain and her troubles as strongly as our own. Charley is fortunately not alone, in battling evil forces or simply in mischief. Her friends and family have become our friends and family, so much so that I keep expecting Cookie to open my apartment door and go directly for Mr. Coffee, because that’s what she does. 

Reyes Alexander Farrow, the prodigal son of Satan and self-appointed protector of the grim reaper, one Ms. Charlotte Jean Davidson, started out as a broody, unapproachable hero we could only admire from afar, but as the series progressed, he insisted on showing more and more human traits, until he became just as important as Charley, only infinitely more attractive. 

By now, even the little birds know that Darynda starts each chapter with a quote, a bumper sticker or a T-shirt inscription. These chapter headings are truly fan favorites… they are almost always something Darynda actually discovered ‘in the wild’ and not something she made up for our reading enjoyment. Knowing that these are actually real makes them even funnier. Here are just a few of them:

“A wine, please.”  
“Ma’am, this is McDonald’s.”  
“Okay, a McWine, please.”

I came into this world covered in someone else’s blood and screaming. I’m not afraid to leave it the same way. —T-SHIRT


And while we’re here, allow me to share some of my favorite quotes:

He quirked a brow. “How would you like your eggs?”
I tried. I really did. But I glanced at his crotch and it came out anyway. “Fertlized?” 

“I have depth. I've read Proust. No, wait, that was Pooh. Winnie the Pooh. My bad"

“That took balls."
"Please," I said with a snort, "that took ovaries. Of which I have two.” 

So to conclude, I’ll quote myself because I’m  classy like that: 

Darynda and Charley warmed my heart and forced me to laugh myself into stitches more times than I can count. Both of them deserve their extremely loyal fanbase, of which I am a proud member. Wherever we go from here, I have no doubt it will be endlessly entertaining. 

I’m so proud to be a Grimlet! 

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  1. OMG. This woman. She is a mine of hilarity. Can we maybe try and hang out with her? Because she sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  2. I love the quotes you picked! "How would you like your eggs?" Too funny!

    Darynda does make me laugh my ass off! I just got through listening to the 3rd Charley Davidson book, and wow did she put her through some hell! Betrayals by two of the men she loves the most and then what happened to Garrett! Ack! In between all this I was either snorting or laughing out loud. Lorelei King just makes the experience a 100 times better! She is amazing at delivering those one-liners. I don't think I'd appreciate the extent of Charley's ADD as much without Lorelei's performance.

    Wonderful post, Maja! :)

    1. Aw, thank you Rachel! LOVE recording this series. :) x

  3. I FINALLY have the first two books in this series. I must read them pronto. I love an author that can do humor, among other things, and this sounds like my woman. :)

  4. Ah yes I agree, so many good things in this series, and the quotes you chose are really fun!

  5. Love this series. I can't wait to read book 8

  6. I absolutely adore this series because it's got a bit of everything and a lot of humour and sexiness because Reyes OMG!!

    I love the quotes you chose, the one about the fertilized eggs ALWAYS makes me laugh, not just giggle but laugh!!

    Darynda is amazing and it's one of those authors I'd love to meet!

  7. A MCWINE! Hahahahahahaha! I can't even imagine some of the things fast food workers hear on the late shift ;-) *dies laughing* I'm still back at the beginning of this series and I need to make this series and the Kate Daniels books a priority. I don't want to be behind any longer Maja!

  8. What a wonderful post, Maja! I obviously need to catch up on this series, but I love how much love you have for these books.
    Those quotes though! Haha! :D

  9. Charley sounds wonderful and I totally need to make time to try this series.

  10. I share your endless love for Darynda and all things Charley!

  11. I absolutely love this series. I so glad that I started reading them a couple of years ago. Now I'm really anxious about book 9 with that shocker ending in book 8.

  12. Yes to seriously everything you mentioned. This series really is original and so stinking fun, I love everything about it!

  13. What a passionate love letter, my dear :) I guess I need to try out Darynda - I never realized she was so good. But as one of your favorite authors, I can't possibly NOT read her. Where do I start? Hugs <3

  14. Love the egg quote! I really enjoyed the first 5 Charley books. I go through phases where I want to read all paranormal, and as soon as I'm in another one I'll be finishing the other books.

  15. I adore Darynda Jones, she was one of my first SF authors that I enjoyed so much. I think I bought the book for like a £1 and I've loved the series ever since. Grant you that I still need to catch up on the last couple of books. Great post. :)

  16. I LOVE THIS SERIES! I so need to start participating more as a grimlet. I am ashamed that I haven't! I love this series and I agree with everything you have said...but... I still think Reyes is mine (as do everyone else...).

  17. Darynda Jones is a genoius and I would pay serious money (well, if I had any) to peek inside her head. I love all of her books, but Charley Davidson especially and I have been with the series for years now. I really love the quotes you picked :) I am proud to be a Grimlet too :D


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