The Nocturnal Library started out in November 2011 as the joint endeavor of two Old continent beauties:

Maja (pronounced Maya), philologist extraordinaire, semi-professional muffin baker and resident UF expert, who can mostly be found indoors with her nose buried in her books/tablet/phone/muffin batter.

Lisa, translator turned veteran globetrotter turned soccer mom, who can often be observed trying to put her kids to sleep so she can finally read.

Somewhere along the line, Lisa decided to seek out other adventures and left it to Maja to entertain the masses, a sacred duty she willingly accepted.

On this blog, we read and review mostly Young Adult literature, but we throw in an occasional Urban Fantasy or Science Fiction title to make things more interesting. (No Paranormal Romance, though, since it gives Maja allergies.) We do our best to review diverse books and be the best LGBTQAI allies we can possibly be. We welcome readers, reviewers, passive observers, musicians, stalkers, aspiring writers, old high school friends and all types of insomniacs. Your visit is much appreciated.

Most of the books reviewed on this blog were kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. For every such book, the source is clearly stated at the beginning of each review, in accordance with the FTC regulations.

Rating System

A book that changes lives. Mine will never be the same.
Goodness, I wish everyone could write like this!
A wonderful book and a definite must-read.